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4 Ways To Help The Oasis Ascension Program

Don't Fear The Camel

Abandon the stigma.  Homeless people are people too.  Looking them in the eye, saying hello and showing them kindness goes a long way.  They are not your enemy or someone to be afraid of.  Any one of us is one bad decision away from homelessness.

Notify Clinicians

If you or anyone you know works in the field of behavioral health, let them know about us.  We are always looking for more people to join our team. Our therapists are the highest paid in the industry.  Our evolving technology expands the potential of experiential and non-verbal interventions, as well as talk therapy.

Donate Time

We can always use more hands at the Oasis. Come alone, bring a group of friends, or organize a day of giving at your work or organization.  Enabling homelessness does not restore dignity. Assisting this population in reconnecting gives them the dignity they deserve.

Donate Financially
Buy Oasis Gear

Any amount helps: $5 to $5,000.  Every dollar you donate goes directly to the completion of The Oasis.  Our organization will be self-sustaining in the 18th month of operation.

About The Oasis Ascension Project

Oasis Ascension will provide each participant with facial recognition phone app virtual wallet that will allow this population access to digital copies of their ID, birth certificate, social security card, Medicaid card, SNAP card and any other private information that they struggle to maintain record of. Within our 48,000 sq ft facility at 10 N. Guthrie, they will receive a private mailbox with an address, a locker, use of the restrooms, laundry mat, showers, serenity room, sensory room, clinic, vet clinic, cafeteria, trading post, Imaginarium, Imaginarium Warehouse and work program. Each member of Oasis Ascension will receive 1 free program hour daily in exchange for the update of their daily portal.  Demonstrating medication compliance will earn them 2 extra hours daily.

Oasis Ascension member participation in individual, group and family therapy, psychosocial rehabilitation, case management, curriculum work, community service, and participation in any collaborative agency’s programs will afford them additional earned participation time in The Oasis facility. Their involvement in the Ascension curriculum will allow them access to one of 288 transitional living beds, 360 low barrier emergency overflow beds and 200 permanent supportive housing units.  The Oasis’ incentive-based model pioneers a network of collaboration between organizations serving this population. This provides a level of service connectivity that has never been achieved before. and Oasis Ascension In The News

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